About us

We are a law firm with more than 31 years of experience and a great human and multidisciplinary team. The world of business and workers has been the center of our main advice. Continuous training is as fundamental as it is necessary to provide a service that is classified as excellent. Lawyers, Economists, Social Graduates, Graduates in Labor Law, and Socio-Labor Auditors, define our professional profile. In addition to the world of labor relations, we focus on human relations, including family relations, that of consumers and users, those that are purely mercantile or commercial, and all those that society faces. The relationship of the administered with the Public Administration, day by day is more telematic, with the complexity that they suppose. That made us delve into the need to provide the best assistance to our clients in their relationships with it.

Public procurement, complex and changing, in continuous approach to the provisions of the European Union, requires a high knowledge in this matter. This acquired knowledge allows us to advise our clients when they offer their services to it.